Phillip told off by This Morning bosses for defying health and safety rules as Spin to Win wheel gets stuck mid-air

2 April 2020, 11:52 | Updated: 2 April 2020, 11:54

This Morning fans couldn't believe what had just happened live on the show as the presenters suffered a huge mechanical error.

Today's episode of This Morning descended into chaos as the wheel from the show's competition segment - Spin to Win - got stuck in the middle of the air!

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby looked awkward as the cameras cut to them in the studio, about to play the game, but the wheel failed to descent like it usually does.

Phillip climbed a ladder, defying bosses' requests
Phillip climbed a ladder, defying bosses' requests. Picture: ITV

Trying to figure an alternative, Phillip decided he would spin the wheel while up a ladder, climbing it slowly step by step as the show's officials warned him not to.

The presenter climbing the stepladder understandably went against the show's health and safety regulations, and Holly told him it was a bad idea, but Phil pressed that if he's able to do it at home, he's able to do in the studio.

However, the show's editor was barking in his ear telling him to get off the ladder as he laughed "It won’t come down".

The presenter managed to reach the wheel
The presenter managed to reach the wheel. Picture: ITV

"The trouble is in the world we live in now no one can hold the ladder that I’m up," he added before the show went to a break.

Quick-thinking Holly came up with a plan to make the competition work during the break.

They decided to turn the show into 'dip to win', which saw them write the different prize offerings - £500, £1000, £2000 and £3000 - on some bits of paper from the studio, ripping them and sticking in a coffee mug.

Sandra won £1000
Sandra won £1000. Picture: ITV

They then called Sandra from Tewksbury, who answered the right phrase and managed to win herself £1000.

To ensure they followed compliance for Ofcom, the presenters made sure to show all the other bits of paper and that they had the right amounts on them.

Sandra also won a bag full of goodies but they couldn’t show it as the bag was also stuck in the roof.