This Morning's 'Spin to Win' caller fail leaves Holly and Phil in stitches

4 March 2020, 10:53 | Updated: 4 March 2020, 13:39

The popular new segment of This Morning has the presenters stressed out on a daily basis.

The 'Spin To Win' section of This Morning is fast becoming one of its most entertaining, with something going wrong with it on a daily basis.

On today's episode, Terry was the lucky caller who answered the phone with the right passcode "show me the money".

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Terry got a chance to win the bonus goody bag prize
Terry got a chance to win the bonus goody bag prize. Picture: ITV

However, when he started speaking to Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield they noticed that he was watching the show at the same time as the echo of his TV could be heard in the background.

Phil laughed as he told Terry to turn his TV down and to focus on the phonecall, not the telly, as it'll make things very confusing for him, only for Terry to stay completely silent for 10 seconds before confirming he'd done so.

The presenting duo laughed as the called still seemed a little clueless, but he was excited to play the game regardless.

Terry then won £1,000 on the game, with anticipation building from Holly and Phil as the wheel very nearly landed on the grand prize of £2,000.

But just as the hosts announced how much he's won, Terry could be heard cheering in suspense for the wheel to land on the £2,000, as he'd clearly carried on watching the television, which has a 10-second delay from the phonecall.

Phil and Holly were left in stitches listening to Terry sighing after just missing out on the top prize, but he was chuffed to win a thousand pounds.

After he won the cash prize, he was given the opportunity to win the This Morning themed goody bag, full of branded bits such as a flask and tote bag.

Holly and Phil found the caller hilarious
Holly and Phil found the caller hilarious. Picture: ITV

Terry had to answer the question "which professional boxer was on our sofa this morning?" and he correctly answered with Tyson Fury.

Fans of the show took to Twitter to laugh about the hilarious encounter on Spin To Win, with one saying "This spin to win segment always has me in stitches".

Another was slightly agitated by Terry, as they tweeted: "How thick to you have to be to enter this Spin to win... turn your telly down ffs you’ve just been told!"