Tiffany And Morgan Butcher Are Back On Albert Square And WOW They've Matured!

Tiffany and Morgan Butcher

Spoiler alert! The siblings are back for the most recent Eastenders episode in which Whitney Dean got married.

The young Eastenders', played by Masie Smith and Devon Higgs, returned last night to see Whitney wed Lee Carter.

Their return came as it was announced that their mum Bianca, played by Patsy Palmer, couldn't attend the wedding because she caught the Norovirus and 'vommed on the hen bus'.

Tiffany and Morgan Butcher Grown Up

Only on Eastenders!

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The youngsters haven't been seen on the show since 2014 when they moved from Walford to Milton Keynes with mum Bianca and her new man Terry.

It doesn't sound like too long ago, but the pair have certainly grown up in that time and many fans where shocked i particular at how mature Tiffany looked.

We were thinking EXACTLY the same thing! Time flies!