Tipping Point viewers stunned as contestant is refused point for correct answer

29 May 2020, 11:46 | Updated: 29 May 2020, 11:49

A contestant on Tipping Point had a disaster round
A contestant on Tipping Point had a disaster round. Picture: ITV

A contestant on Tipping Point had a disastrous round on the ITV game show.

Ben Shephard is doing a great job at entertaining us through lockdown with ITV's Tipping Point.

But one contestant had a disaster this week, when she buzzed in too early, before answering too late to bag any money.

Presenter Ben started by asking: "What is the last month in the year -"

Politics student Meliehah then buzzed in very quickly, before realising she had not heard the rest of the question.

She put her head in her hands and collapsed on to her buzzer, before telling Ben: "Oh no.... You were going to carry on weren't you.”

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Stunned to silence, Meliehah didn’t say an answer for several seconds as she suspected she was wrong.

But as the timer ran out, the contestant despaired and said "December", before Ben told her: "Ooh, you're just out of time!"

It turns out she had actually got the question right, as Ben explained: "The whole question was, what's the last month in the year that contains 31 days?

"Even though you gave the right answer, it was too slow.”

"Fine...", she replied, rolling her eyes.

Tony lost out on £10,000 on Tipping Point
Tony lost out on £10,000 on Tipping Point. Picture: ITV

And it looks as though viewers were in disbelief, as one wrote: "Taxi for Melieha! #TippingPoint.”

Another viewer wrote: "Hahahahah Maleieah (however you spell her name) #TippingPoint ".

“Melieha on #TippingPoint. Correct on the December answer, but came in too early," said a third.

The bad luck didn’t end there for Meliehah, as she was knocked out shortly afterwards.

Meanwhile, Tony ended up in the final with £2,750 in the pot before Ben asked if he wanted to swap the money he’d accumulated for three more counters.

He decided to stick with his winnings, but when Tony played to see what he could have won if he’d risked it, it turns out he would have taken home the £10,000 jackpot!

“If you weren’t so scared of your wife,” Ben joked.

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