Tom And Giovanna Fletcher Join In The Glitziest Mannequin Challenge Yet

Tom and Giovanna Fletcher Mannequin Challenge BAFT

By Holly Fishwick

The couple take part in the most glamorous free-frame video so far!

They're known as one of the most down to earth and all round lovely couples in Showbiz, but Mr and Mrs Fletcher enjoyed a night getting dolled up and going out on the town together for a change. 

The young parents presented an award at the British Academy Children's Awards and couldn't help getting involved in the latest craze whilst they were there. 

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The McFly rocker and his vlogger wife took part in the latest Mannequin challenge: A freeze-frame game where celebrities hold their pose for a few seconds and someone films the scene. 

Check out their brilliant efforts: 

Did you spot Buzz and Buddy Fletcher's gorgeous mum and dad at the start?

The couple looked fabulous on the night: