University Challenge Star Branded 'Hero' After Last Night's Tense Episode

11 April 2017, 09:46 | Updated: 14 July 2017, 11:11


Eric Monkman stole the hearts of University Challenge fans this series who were heartbroken to see him defeated at last.

When you think of University Challenge the phrase 'on the edge of your seat' probably doesn't come to mind.

The hallowed game show takes Britain's ivy league equivalents through their paces with ridiculously hard questions in order to take their university team through to the final and win.

Many of us watching do so in the hope of getting at least one question right and then feeling like a right clever clogs for the rest of the week.

But these series, fans have been watching for one man only....

Eric Monkman 

Eric Monkman!

He is a Canadian student from Cambridge University's Wolfs College who has been the source of LOTS of Twitter love over the past few weeks of the competition.

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This is thanks to his passionate answers to questions and his incredibly animated face! 

But last night, in a tense battle with Oxford University's Balliol College, his team finally surrendered defeat.

Despite commiserations, fans rallied around him and branded him a 'hero' and the 'people's champion' on Twitter thanks to his quick fire question answering skills.

Even the hashtag #Monkmania was trending!

But we will leave you with one final word from Monkman himself...

Our hero!