Scarlett Moffatt Has Sunday Brunch Viewers In Hysterics After This Wardrobe Mishap!

6 November 2017, 12:24 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 12:32

Scarlett Moffatt Wardrobe Disaster

The former Gogglebox star had viewers cackling over her fashion mishap.

If you can count on anyone for a laugh, it's Scarlett Moffatt and she didn't disappoint during her appearance on Sunday Brunch over the weekend.

The Streetmate host was left the butt of everyone's jokes when fans pointed out her hilarious wardrobe mishap during the show in which her patterned shirt appeared to resemble a cleavage.  

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Scarlett Moffatt Wardrobe Disaster

The pattern was created thanks to a continuous chain that weaved its way past a couple images of planets, the fact it was replicated on both sides of her top caused the cheeky illusion.

Of course, the fashion faux pax didn't go a miss with viewers at home who were quick to point it out.

One viewer wrote: "#SundayBrunch Scarlett Moffat unfortunate outfit lol".

Another added: "Was there no one who couldn't have said... Scarlett, the dress m8? Just no. #SundayBrunch".

While one tweeted: "Oh dear Scarlett's dress #SundayBrunch". 

Another tweeted: "Scarlett Moffatt's top looks like boobies from a distance! on #SundayBrunch #boobies #saucy".

Oh Scarlett! You won't make the same mistake twice.