What does GPR mean in Line of Duty?

26 April 2021, 08:11

Line of Duty fans have been wondering what GPR means
Line of Duty fans have been wondering what GPR means. Picture: BBC

What does GPR stand for in Line of Duty and what does it mean?

Line of Duty fans were treated to another shocking episode of the BBC drama this Sunday, with the fate of Ryan Pilkington finally revealed.

But while we spent the whole hour hiding behind our cushions, many viewers were left confused by one particular moment.

After Kate ordered ‘the GPR’ to come and look under the floor of the gun workshop, one person Tweeted: ”What does GPR stand for ?”

“God. Another acronym. “GPR” #LineofDuty,” said another, while a third joked: “*Everyone Googles GPR #lineofduty”.

So, what does the acronym GPR stand for? Here’s what we know...

Line of Duty season 6 is airing on BBC
Line of Duty season 6 is airing on BBC. Picture: BBC

What does GPR mean in Line of Duty?

GPR stands for Ground Penetrating Radar.

This is a non-intrusive method that uses radio waves to capture images below the surface of the ground.

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Police often use this so they don’t have to dig up areas which could destroy or compromise evidence.

During the most recent episode of LoD, Kate Fleming called for the GPR to look under the floor of the gun workshop where AC-12 previously shot down two OCG members.

Thinking about the criminal gang’s past, anything could be found under there, including cash, weapons, dead bodies or maybe evidence from Gail Vella’s death.

Meanwhile, many Line of Duty fans are convinced DCS Patricia Carmichael could have something to do with the OCG herself.

But is she an evil villain, or just ambitious? Well, after she refused to let Ted Hastings question Jo Davidson about police corruption, many fans are very suspicious.

““I would prefer to confine myself to the set parameters of the anti-corruption enquiry. Let’s chivvy things along, shall we?,” she butted in during the enquiry.

Carmichael also made DC Chloe Bishop take Osborne’s picture off Ted’s pin board and put it through the shredder.

“I don’t trust Carmichael she looks dodgy,” wrote one person, while another said: “Conclusions from tonight: Carmichael is not nice and has DEFO got something to do with it.”

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