Here's what happened to the cast of Home Alone

22 December 2020, 11:05 | Updated: 22 December 2020, 11:13

Home Alone is 30 years old
Home Alone is 30 years old. Picture: 20th Century Studios/PA Images

Here's what happened to all your favourite characters from Home Alone...

It’s that time of year again, where we all like to sit down with a hot mug of tea and put on our favourite Christmas film.

And despite being more than three decades old, 1990 classic Home Alone still tops the charts for many.

How could you not love the story of little Kevin McCallister being abandoned by his family and burgled by two crooks?

So, as we enjoy the hilarious movie for the 56’s time, let’s take a look at where the stars are now…

Macauley Culkin as Kevin McCallister

After starring as Kevin at the age of ten, Macauley Culkin went on to star in the film's 1992 sequel.

At age 18, he married Rachel Miner, but the pair split in 2002 and also dated Mila Kunis for eight years until they split in 2011.

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Macaulay is now dating The Suite Life of Zack & Cody's Brenda Song and hosts a podcast called Bunny Ears.

Joe Pesci as Harry

Joe Pesci starred as Harry in Home Alone
Joe Pesci starred as Harry in Home Alone. Picture: 20th Century Studios/PA Images

Joe has since appeared in Martin Scorsese's crime-family sagas such as Goodfellas and Casino.

He also starred in JFK, Gone Fishin' and Lethal Weapon 3 and 4 and most recently, 2019's The Irishman.

Daniel Stern as Marv

Daniel Stern starred as
Daniel Stern starred as Marv in Home Alone. Picture: 20th Century Studios/PA Images

Daniel Stern starred in the likes of Breaking Away, It's My Turn and City Slickers before bagging a role in Home Alone.

He reprised his role as Marv in the sequel before going on to star in Bushwhacked and The Wonder Years TV series.

He also does a lot of charity work through the Malibu Foundation for Youth and Families and in 2009, he was given the President's Call to Service Award by Barack Obama.

Catherine O'Hara as Kate McCallister

Catherine O'Hara starred in Beetlejuice before Home Alone and then went on to voice Sally in The Nightmare Before Christmas.

She has also had roles in Chicken Little and The Life Before This, as well as TV shows such as Six Feet Under and Schitt's Creek.

The latter earned her an Emmy in 2020 for outstanding lead actress.

John Heard as Peter McCallister

John Heard died in 2017
John Heard died in 2017. Picture: PA Images

Sadly, John Heard died suddenly in July 2017.

Following Home Alone, he appeared in 1992's Gladiator and has a long list of credits.

These include Beaches and The Guardian as well as five episodes of The Sopranos.

Devin Ratray as Buzz McCallister

Devin Ratray starred as Buzz McCallister in Home Alone
Devin Ratray starred as Buzz McCallister in Home Alone. Picture: 20th Century Studios/Getty Images

Devin carried on his acting career after starring in Home Alone including Little Monsters and Dennis the Menace.

He took on roles in the hit series, Law & Order: SVU as well as in Ryan Reynolds’ movie R.I.P.D.

The star recently appeared in Natasha Lyonne's Netflix series Russian Doll, as well as Hustlers.

He is also a musician and plays in a band called Little Bill and the Beckleys.

Kieran Culkin as Fuller McCallister

Kieran Culkin starred as Fuller McCallister in Home Alone
Kieran Culkin starred as Fuller McCallister in Home Alone. Picture: 20th Century Studios/PA Images

Macauley's real life younger brother starred in the first two Home Alone films and went on to appear in 1999's She's All That.

He also bagged a Golden Globe best actor nomination for his leading role in 2002's Igby Goes Down before taking a break from acting.

Kieran more recently played Roman Roy on HBO's Succession, which earned him Emmy and Golden Globe nominations for best supporting role.

Hillary Wolf as Megan McCallister

Hillary Wolf went on to star as Laura in Big Girls Don't Cry...They Get Even in 1992 before turning her hand to Judo.

She won the world judo championships for juniors in 1994 and represented the United States in judo at the 1996 Summer Olympics and the 2000 Summer Olympics.

Hilary also wrote a book about parenting called The Not So Zen Mom.

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