What is Behind Her Eyes about?

23 February 2021, 16:55 | Updated: 24 February 2021, 16:13

What is Behind Her Eyes about and how scary is the Netflix drama?
What is Behind Her Eyes about and how scary is the Netflix drama? Picture: Netflix
Polly Foreman

By Polly Foreman

Is Behind Her Eyes scary? Find out what the new Netflix show is about, what the plot is, and watch the trailer.

If you haven't started Behind Her Eyes yet, you'll likely have heard a great deal of talk about the new Netflix show on social media

The six-part limited series is based on a book of the same name by Sarah Pinborough, and centres around a single mum named Louise who works as a secretary in a psychiatrists' office.

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The story is known for having a *very* shocking ending, with the book launching with the hashtag #WTFthatending when it was released in 2017.

Without any major spoilers, here's a brief summary of what the Netflix show is about.

Behind Her Eyes is available to stream now
Behind Her Eyes is available to stream now. Picture: Netflix

What is Behind Her Eyes about?

The story begins with Louise meeting a mysterious man in a bar, with the pair sharing a kiss before he runs off without explanation.

After returning to work the next day, Louise learns that the man is her new boss - a psychiatrist named David - and that he is married to a mysterious woman named Adele.

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Simona Brown plays Louise in Behind Her Eyes
Simona Brown plays Louise in Behind Her Eyes. Picture: Netflix

Louse ends up inadvertently befriending Adele, and the three of them become embroiled in a love triangle.

All isn't what it seems, however, and Louise ends up becoming entangled in their strange and mysterious lives.

Is Behind Her Eyes scary?

Behind Her Eyes isn't a horror, but it is a psychological thriller, meaning that there are definitely some spooky elements to it.

Speaking about the show, Tom Bateman - who plays David - told Heart.co.uk: "I think they [the viewers] can expect the unexpected. That always sounded like a cliche until literally right now I’m like ‘Oh yeah that’s what that means’.

"I remember reading it and just going, each time I thought ‘oh my god there’s the big twist in the piece that I’ve been waiting for’ then there would be another and another and it just sort of keeps on coming."

He added: "What I think is great as well is that there are four principle characters, and all of them have a big twist. It’s not like one person has a big twist. Each of those people have a big like ‘woah’ moment."

Is there a trailer for Behind Her Eyes?

There is! If you want to get a taste for the show, you can watch the full trailer below:

What happens in the Behind Her Eyes book?

The book is fairly similar to the series, though of course with some elements cut out for time purposes.

Speaking about the book, Eve Hewson - who plays Adele - told Heart.co.uk: "I think we stayed pretty true to the book, I know that Sarah Pinborough said she loved what she saw and she wrote the book, so if she’s happy with it then i think we’ve done a good job.

"There are obviously some things from the book that I think we would have loved to put in that we couldn’t just based on basic timing, things like that.

"But i think even people who haven’t read the book when they watch the show they’ll want to go and read the book, so I think that means we did a good job.

Behind Her Eyes is available to stream now on Netflix


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