Last Night's Chase Contestants Have Been Labelled The Worst EVER Team

14 September 2017, 10:13 | Updated: 14 September 2017, 10:15

Worst The Chase Team Ever

The latest contestants to take on the Chasers ALL got knocked out in the worst performance the programme has seen.

The Chasers are a formidable bunch and you shouldn't enter to join The Chase unless you have some serious general knowledge lurking in your brain.

Last night's contestants learnt that the hard way in an episode branded the 'worst ever' after ALL the contestants were knocked out and failed to make it to the final round.

They were up against Chaser Shaun Wallace AKA The Dark Destroyer but all failed to make it to the final stage leaving the money pot totally empty.

When this happens the team have to nominate their best chance to return and face the Chaser again with £4000 at stake, which if won is divided equally between the four.

Harshad The Chase

The struggling team nominated 48-year-old Harshad from Milton Keynes but unfortunately he wasn't good enough to beat Shaun and the contestants all ended up leaving empty handed.

We'll let The Dark Destroyer have the last word here...

He took to Twitter to gloat about his victory over the team and said "The team played well particularly Harshad at the end, but I'm the King of the World!" 

Stay humble, Shaun!