Can Konnie cut it?

Xtra Factor viewers not pleased with Konnie Huq's first show

Ex Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq debuted as the Xtra Factor presenter on Saturday night, but many viewers took to the X Factor online forums to complain about the 35-year-old's presenting style.

Many deemed Huq awkward, boring, nervous and monotone and asked for Holly Willoughby, who has left to co-present This Morning,  to be brought back. A viewer, RR Hill, wrote in a forum, "I miss Holly Willoughby, Konnie is a bit boring till now", Norristar said "A bit of a step down from Fearne & Holly in my opinion. I don't think she will be anywhere near as entertaining". However some viewers said it was unfair to put Huq down so soon and said they were willing to give the presenter a chance.

Do you think Konnie Huq is a good choice for the X Factor or would you like to see Holly Willoughby back? Tell us below!