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X Factor's back with the usual mix of the tone deaf, sob stories and some talent.

18 year-old Gamu Nhengu, who left her native Zimbabwe for Scotland five years ago is through with her version of Katrina and the Waves 'Walking on Sunshine'. Jahm met on the internet and rehearsed over the phone and on Skype before their X Factor audition. They compared their sound to the likes of N-Dubz and the Black Eyed Peas - before singing Lady Gaga's Bad Romance...badly...very badly.

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Fans have accused X Factor bosses of using technology to make some contestants' voices sound better.

After Saturday's show people took to internet forums to discuss whether "autotuning" was used. A spokesman for The X Factor says sound is edited before the finished programme - but the judges make their decisions live in the arena.

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Bookies are expecting millions of pounds to be gambled on the result of this year's X-Factor.

The seventh series starts is underway and the bets are already on for which manager will find the winning act. Simon Cowell is this year's favourite, with Cheryl Cole in second place.

These are the latest odds from Betfred.com
Which manager will win The X Factor 2010?

Simon Cowell 15/8
Cheryl Cole 2/1
Danni Minogue 7/2
Louis Walsh 4/1

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- I wonder which category Louis has got, lol but I think in moans whoever he has coz he moaned when he had the groups and when he hasn't got the groups he still moans jheeze his never satisfied. Lily

- Some of those 'hopefuls' look soooooooo rubbish. Get a life! Gabriella

- Get her (Katie) out too many cheats being uncovered Marie

- Yes she (Katie) should be disqualified as it is not fair on the other contestants. Lucy

- Even though I think she (Katie) has the potential to be a major star here in the UK, if those are the rules yes she should be disqualified for being dishonest. John

- Hi. X Factor is annoying me more and more. The singers on saturday night were so obviously 'tweaked' it was unreal! Why do they feel the need to do that? It just sounded fake. Also I don't know what all the hype is about the madonna look-a-like Katie, no offence, but she wasnt particularly good/blow anyone away, and she forgot her words! Deary me. I think ill have to show everyone whos really got the xfactor.. ME!!! Corey

- yes rules are rules and not fair on those who stick to the guidelines, so if she (Katie) already has a record deal then she should not have even got to this point. Debbie

- yes i think she (Katie) should be disqualified. as the show is meant 2 be 4 ppl off the street who r unknown. Sharon

-  hi, im a big fan off the x facter love cheryl cole = D i love too come come to one off your live shows = D Jake

- My son who thinks he's England's Michael Buble, got through 3 auditions, unfortunately he never got through the last one to go on TV, How the hell did Shilena get through the first one????? Wendy

- Hope cheryl tweedy gets better. :) Love the show. :) Happy its started back up again. Lots of love. Tasha.

- i tiank it is a degrease for simon to axe dannini off after she had the baby shame on you itv and simon cowell. Chris