WATCH: “Dogs Are Better Than Men!” CBB’s Liz Jones Says You Should Be Allowed A Day Off If Your Pet’s Ill

18 October 2017, 12:50

Liz Jones, Susanna Reid, Good Morning Britain

Liz expressed employers should give their staff paid time off if their pets are either ill or have died

Liz jones wound up confessing her love for dogs over men on today’s Good Morning Britain, because dogs “don’t cheat or download porn”.

The heated debate began over the topic of whether you should be able to take a day off work if your pet is ill.

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Despite entrepreneur, Alex Proud saying that the industry is too competitive to be taking days off for pet illnesses, Liz stood firm saying: "I prefer my pets to humans. My dog Sam was better than a husband.

"He never cheated on me, he didn't download porn, he didn't take over the bathroom.

"If I lost Poppy...she’s better than a daughter, a daughter with fur."

She even went on to say that “children are a lifestyle choice” just likes pets, and therefore should be treated the same way. 


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