Twilight stars laughed during gory scene

Taylor Lautner has revealed that the actors had a case of the giggles while filming a serious scene in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1.

In the film, Robert Pattinson's vampire character Edward Cullen assists human wife Bella (Kristin Stewart) during a painful labour. After eventually giving birth to half vampire baby Renesmee, Bella passes away.

Nevertheless, Taylor Lautner has revealed that the actors found it difficult to themselves from laughing during the scenes.

'Sometimes it was hard to keep a straight face,' explained the actor to E! online.

The actor plays werewolf Jacob Black, and admitted that he found reviving Kristen’s on-screen character hilarious.

'There was one point when she stops breathing and she's out of it and I have to give her CPR,' Taylor laughed.

'It ended up working but it was funny at moments.'

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