Behold! Is This Ugly Naked Guy From 'Friends' REAL Identity?

Ugly Naked Man - Friends screenshot

The sitcom actor was dismissed as a mystery never to be solved...but we may have just found the answer!

He may have only appeared in a maximum of TWO episodes, but Ugly Naked Guy aka. the gang's neighbour across the way, went down in legend. 

The butt of several jokes, including when the guys try to poke him in his protruding belly with a giant device made of chopsticks (how delightful) and when Ross tries to woo him into passing on his apartment by feeding him muffins (hey, we'd be swayed). 


As his face was never revealed, we could never be 100% sure...but of course, the internet had some ideas...

For years many assumed that Ugly Naked Man was Mr. Treeger, the superintendent who the Friends bump into around their building.

The actor that played Mr Treeger is Michael Hagerty. 

Picture: Joey dancing with Mr. Treeger Friends 

However, when The Huffington Post reached out to the actor they were left flabbergasted when he claimed that, even though it was written on IMDB, he was absolutely NOT the man who had played Ugly Naked Guy. 

The publication even went as far as asking the casting director of the episodes the character appears in, but to no avail. 

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Eventually, after many a sleepless night (we imagine) one journalist got a message from the original Central Casting agent, it read:

"I have very good news for you. A little while ago the infamous "ugly naked guy" came for a visit! I will put a call in to him and see if he's ok with connecting with you."

Soon the journalist received a call from a man named Jon Haugen.

"There’s only one Ugly Naked Guy, man, and that was me" Haugen told him.

And just like that, the mystery was solved! Behold, the true identity of Ugly Naked Guy:

JON HAUGEN Ugly Naked Guy

Picture: JON HAUGEN via Huffington Post

Check out Ugly Naked Guy out in his starring role: 

Hip Hip Horray!