Walliams picks up tummy bug

David Walliams has picked up a tummy bug as he attempts to swim the length of the Thames for charity.

On the Sport Relief Twitter his team have posted, "Morning. David has woken up with an upset stomach - Thames Tummy. Didn't sleep well at all" and added, "Despite the bug he's picked up though David is back in the water aiming for another 18 miles today"

On Tuesday the 40-year-old was up at dawn  in an attempt to make up some of the distance he lost on Monday.

Walliams was just over 2 miles short off his intended distance on day one but swam through the dark to complete the 21 miles to Abingdon.

On the Sport Relief Twitter feed his team said It's fair to say that David is battered after that. But he is made of stern stuff and lives to fight another day

And then added, "Word from the doctor is that David is cold, sore and exhausted - but fine. #thamesswim"

The comic is swimming 140 miles over eight days from Gloucestershire to London.