The Wanted

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'All Time Low' by new boy band, The Wanted was this week's highest new entry on the Big Top 40 Show.

The song was only released on Sunday morning but when the real time chart was locked down at 6pm, Tom, Siva, Max, Jay and Nathan flew to No. 2 in our chart.

The boys spoke to Matt Wilkinson, who was covering Rich and Kat this week and told him "we can't say thank you enough to everyone, thank you to everyone who's gone out and bought it".
The Wanted:

Tom, Siva, Max, Jay and Nathan are The Wanted and they're not content to be labelled a boy band.

One listen to All Time Low shows that The Wanted are a million miles away from the old fashioned clean-cut boyband mould. There's a rough and tumble energy and down-to-earth air to the fivesome. The boys have even got X-Factor choreographer Brian Friedman on board as their performance director.

Check out their debut video below.

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