5 Hilarious Thoughts Drake Had During THAT Awkward Kiss With Madonna

Drake and Madonna Kiss Coachella 15

Madonna and Drake's onstage kiss at Coachella festival '15, which looks worse than our first snog at a school disco...Watch!


After THAT kiss, Madge has posted a message on her Instagram: "If you don't like me and still watch everything I do… you're a fan!"

We congratulate you Queen Madge!

We all gasped in shock when Madonna planted a big wet kiss on Drake, but something tells us weren't as startled as the singer who was left short of breath (and slightly traumatised!) following their awkward encounter at Coachella Festival 2015. We can only imagine what he was thinking! 

1. "Madonna's giving me a lap dance…try and play it cool"



2. "She's going in for the kill… I hope my breath is fresh enough." 

Drake and Madonna

3. "Yep…I definitely know what she had for lunch."

Drake and Madonna Coachella 2015


4. "I can't breathe…I can't breathe…. Somebody help me while I still have my face!" 

Drake and Madonna Kiss Coachella 15


5. "Thank God it's over! Somebody pass the Chapstick"

Drake and Madonna Coachella 2015  

It seems that fans found the PDA between the pair just as embarrassing, and they quickly took to Twitter to mock the pair's awkward exchange.