WATCH! Fans Slam GBBO For Axing WRONG Baker After Stacey's Oven Breaks MID Bake

18 October 2017, 08:58 | Updated: 18 October 2017, 11:07


By Naomi Berners

There were clangers left, right and centre this week.

It was the quarter finals of GBBO 2017 last night, and the drama inside the tent reached a whole new level.

'Unforgotten Bakes' was the theme this week - the first of its kind since the programme began.

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The Bakers' first challenge was to make the 'Bedfordshire Clanger' - that's make them, not drop them.

Unfortunately for Kate, the latter happened.

Not a strong start for the quarter finals. But, cue many, MANY 'clanger' innuendoes; Steven admitted he had a large one, Kate acknowledged she dropped one, and presenter Noel Fielding decided to mimic the little pink mice of the same name:


Not even photoshopped. #GBBO

A post shared by The Great British Bake Off (@britishbakeoff) onOct 17, 2017 at 12:09pm PDT

However, one Twitter user spoke for the thousands who felt that it was Paul and Prue who made the biggest clanger of the evening:

The incredibly loveable Liam was the contestant to bid farewell to the tent last night, and it seemed that no-one was happy to see him go; even Sandi announced the decision with a glisten in her eye.

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Fans of the show seemed highly unimpressed that Kate survived this weeks elimination after her clanger droppage, AND serving it raw. She also served a decidedly average 'Savoy Cake' showstopper that contained SIXTY eggs, which Paul and Prue claimed was over-baked and not particularly easy on the eye.

Equally controversial was the decision to announce Stacey as this week's Star Baker, despite managing to pull her oven door clean off its hinges. She also had a 'mare last week when she served parchment paper INSIDE her bake.

Bake Off Stacey

It seems that there's EVERYTHING to play (or bake) for, as next week sees the semi-finals inside the tent.