WATCH! Gemma Collins Explains That EPIC Stage Fall And We're STILL Laughing

23 October 2017, 13:57 | Updated: 23 October 2017, 14:19

Gemma Collins Stage Dive This Morning

By Alice Westoby

The TOWIE star spilled the beans to This Morning after she took a tumble during an awards show last night.

Over the past couple of months, Gemma Collins has become a viral sensation and queen of all memes. Whether it's a montage of clips of her in the Big Brother House or a mash up of her one liners from The Only Way Is Essex, she's certainly won over a whole batch of new fans in recent times.

But last night she went viral again although this time she thinks she'll "never live it down".

Poor Gemma took a tumble at an awards show in which she revealed that Love Island were one of the winners. As the three recipients came up through the floor to claim their prize, Gemma fell through the part of the stage that had just opened.

Thankfully Gemma is ok! And in true GC style she definitely saw the funny side but spoke to This Morning hosts Amanda Holden and Ben Shepherd to reveal the full story.

She said: “I must say I’m in a bit of shock still. But I have found the whole experience absolutely hilarious."

"The three Love Island guys were coming up on the stage. I just want to apologise, as I wiped them out. They had to go and see the paramedics afterwards."

But ever the professional Gemma dusted herself off and posted a good spirited Tweet online assuring her fans she's ok: "Madonna done it and I done it  when I tell you I’m Bridget Jones in an Essex girl it’s finally confirmed best and worse moment for me." 

But during the interview on This Morning she also explained how bad the accident could have been. 

"I am in a bit of pain this morning, I’m not going to lie. The seriousness of it is... what people don’t see under there there’s all machinery going on." 

“You have to dust yourself off. I just wish I hadn’t got so excited and spun round to give them an award. They were screaming, ‘Get her up, get her up – her legs are going to be crushed’ because the platform underneath was raising up and my legs were dangling over the end of it."

"So thank you to two Love Island guys. The poor girl there nearly got totally crushed. There was nothing of her."

Oh Gem, always stealing the show!