Your favourite Freddie Mercury's song

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It's Freddie For A Day this Friday! Whether you will be spending it dressed as the flamboyant Queen's frontman in aid of The Mercury Phoenix Trust or not, we would like to know what your favourite Freddie/Queen song is. Read the comments below and add yours!


The great pretender
Helen Fowler

bohemian rhapsody
Margaret Lennon

the show must go on
Karim Melikian

Don't stop me now
Paul Ingram

Under Pressure
Helen Morgan

love of my life
Elaine Liquorish

Bohemian Rhapsody - absolutely nothing beats this song for me
Christine Voller

Bohemin Rhapsody
Peter Gornjak

i want to break free
Gillian Chambers

How can i pick one song by Freddie mercury?? Every song is its own best one
Aroshaliny Godfrey

Radio Ga Ga
Neil Rogers

Invisable man
Martin Jarvis

One Vision  because it says 'Fried Chicken' at the end ;)
Katie Plant

Got to be Bohemian Rhapsody :)
Barb Page

I was born to love you .... Fantastic song
Denise Kedward

Friends will be friends :-)
Susie Ward

Who wants to live forever. they played this just after they announced his death very sad. r.i.p freddie x
Georgina Donnelly

Days of our Lives, we had it at my Mom's Funeral, she loved Freddie Mercury
Kimberley Snow

Who Wants To Live Forever!
Lisa Lane

i want to break free!
Caroline Mills

i love them all and sing to them all too, i cant pick one lol
Tanya Mahon

Dont stop me now
Joanne Partridge

a winters tale
Theresa Heelas

Julia Jordan

We will rock you
Pam Dick

These are the Days of our Lives
Joy Hazeldine

Caroline Garrington

The film to "want to break free" is class :-)
Jason Haytree

Jodie Quadgirl Kelly

Bohemian Rhapsody
Louise Richardson

I like them all :-)"Bohemian Rhapsody" Is the greatest!
Jason Haytree

We are the champions
James Court

Only the good die young (one by one)
Lizzie Cox

bohemian rhapsody closely followed by we are the champions
Paul Evans

Its a kind of magic
Shelle Scully Lawley Jones

we are the champions
Hollie WWFC Pearce

bohemian rhapsody
Stephanie Loydon

Bohemian Rhapsody
Amanda Jenkins

Crazy little thing called love
Claire Featherstone

Fat bottomed girls ;-)
Donna Beckett

I Want To Break Free
Helen Ledger

I want to break free
Pauline Woodhouse

Don't Stop Me Now
Julie Alderman

Don't stop me know
Yesim Walter

Bohemian Rhapsody
Lesley Fergusson

We Will Rock You
Nick Hodson

who wants to live forever, i want it all and its a kind of magic
Lisa Williams

Bohemian Rhapsody followed closely by Living on my own
Julie Hanson

Ronald Belksma

A winters tale
Mrs Large

Pip Stockford

The show must go on Killer Queen Who wants to live forever Innuendo Love of my life Somebody to love Under pressure Too much love will kill you
Karolina Ratynska

I Was Born To Love You
Mel Tucker

Barcelona,Somebodey to love,Love of my Life,Headlong,One Vision,We Will Rock You
Andreas Staudt

Who wants to live forever
Chris Fry

Don't Stop Me Now
Gaynor Troman

Stefania Vlad

Either I want to break free or Barcelona
Gemma Watson

Love of my life
Jean Leyland

The show must go on
Hayley Allum

Sarah Duff

crazy little thing called love
dont stop me know
Michelle Kilburn

All of them really, but if I must pick one it would be Hammer to fall.
Maria Skinner

The Show Must Go On
Lisa Shoult

who wants to live forever
Simon Taylor

dancing queen
Nick Fry

Don't stop me now
Jill Snelling

Hello my favorite queen songs are
somebody to love
bohemian rhapsody
the show must go on &
we are the champions
Aiden Wren-Pierce

too much love will kill you
Laura Kolas

princes of the universe
Tony Major

bohemian rhapsody the song is prue genius
Adam Martin