Who is Harper Finkle?

Reports suggest that the Beckhams named their newly-born daughter Harper after a character in a Disney TV show.

The Wizards of Waverley Place is children's TV show about a group of young wizards and has apparently inspired Posh and Becks to name their daughter after their son's favourite character, 'Harper Finkle'.

Ok, so not as famous as Mickey Mouse or Cinderella but here's all you need to know about 'Harper Finkle'...

  • She's played by Jennifer Stone, who is a 'mortal' in the hit Disney programme.
  • She's the favourite character of sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz.
  • Harper is eccentric and independent, who often designs and wears her own clothes.
  • These include french fry earrings, macaroni and garlic necklaces and even a dress made of pasta!
  • It's believed that Harper Kinkle's name comes from Harvey Kinkle, a character from a hit TV show of the past - "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch".

The show itself centres on the Russo family, who on the face of it appear to be a typical New York City family. However, they're nothing of the sort. The Russo children are wizards-in-training; competing with each other as only the best three get to keep their magical powers once they turn eighteen.

There have also been suggestions as to the significance of 'Seven' as a middle name. The logical answer is that it was the number on the back of David's shirt when he played for Manchester United and England, however, their are also other theories...


Some have implied that it relates to an episode of another hit US TV show 'Seinfeld', in particular an episode where George tells his girlfriend that Seven is "a beautiful name for a boy or a girl, especially a girl."

A producer at CNN even joked on twitter last night: "Victoria & David Beckham gave their daughter the middle name "Seven." They're officially an episode of Seinfeld."

The truth? You decide...