HILARIOUS! Will Smith Freaks Out Over His Favourite Superhero

Will Smith Fanboyed When He Saw the Batmobile on the Suicide Squad Set


Only one superhero could make Will Smith lose his MIND!...And we know just the guy.

He's fought off scary creatures with just a dog by his side (I Am Legend).

He's smashed aliens to smithereens without getting his suit dirty (Men In Black).

He's even cried in a public toilet for crying out loud (Pursuit Of Happyness)! 

But only one man can make Will Smith completely lose his mind like a kid at Christmas on the set of the new movie, 'Suicide Squad'.

Will Smith Loses It Over Batman

The 47-year-old actor revealed that the only caped crusader that made him come out of character whilst filming the new action film, was non other than BATMAN!

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Talking to Jimmy Kimmel on The Tonight Show, Will Re-enacted his response to Ben Affleck coming out the Batmobile and even revealed how he asked the Gotham superhero for an autograph!

Screaming like a teenage girl backstage at a One Direction concert, Will said 'I was like, ‘Ben, can you sign this? Can you sign this for me?'

Well now we know who to dress up as for Halloween this year. Thanks Will!

Pictures: YouTube

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