X Factor Reveal The Contestants INCREDIBLE New Looks


Grab a sneek-peek of your favourite X Factor contestants transformations...

After getting through the judges' houses, this year's final twelve contestants have been chosen! But it's their stunning transformations that have really wowed us.

After a few hours in make-up, the X Factor stars have been primped, preened and given a whole new wardrobe ahead of the bright lights of tonight's LIVE show, where they will go head-to-head to win the competition.

First...The Girls!

After a nail-biting judges' houses, Simon Cowell finally chose Emily Middlemas, Gifty Louise and Samantha Lavery for his final three. But with Simon managing the girls for the first time in history, did he do a good job at styling them?...

Emily Middlemas

The 17-year-old was given a trendy new wardrobe keeping her cute look with a little bit more showbiz edge.

X Factor Transformations

Samantha Levery

17-year-old Samantha has kept the smokey-eyed make-up but gone for a much bolder wardrobe with the leopard print.

X Factor Transformations

Gifty Louise

Gifty has kept her golden locs, sporting an aztec print top for the photoshoot

X Factor Transformations

 The Boys

Nichole Scherzinger has the boys, and what a yummy trio she has. But have their looks drastically changed?...

Ryan Lawrie

Twenty-year-old Ryan wowed us at the judges' houses with his loose curls and sweet voice, now sporting a tighter curled barnet and denim jacket to set off his boy-next-door look.

X Factor Transformations

Freddy Parker

The blonde bombshell, Freddy has let down his hair for a more polished laid-back look

X Factor Transformations

Matt Terry

Matt's signature quiff has stayed! Hooray! And so has the denim 

X Factor Transformations

The Overs

There's been a few unexpected choices with Sharon Osbourne's Overs this year, but are the wardrobes as just as shocking?

Honey G

Looking dapper than a rapper, Honey G's hip hop wardrobe gets a colourful makeover, with a brand new chain to match by the looks of it

X Factor Transformations

Relley C

The 26-year-old comeback kid has already made over her look from last year (anyone remember the black and white bob?), but her loose locs have been blown out true Hollywood style to match her powerful voice.

X Factor Transformations

Saara Aalto

Adding more glam (and lots more glitter) to the 29-year-old's look Saara's boho look has an added glamour to it now.

X Factor Transformations

And The Groups

With Louis Walsh as their mentor, all three groups have received the special boyband treatment with their makeovers


If you were expecting those dotty sunglasses and matching outfits to stay, you'd be sorely disappointed. Far from your typical boyband, Bratavio's new look is a much tamer glam than we're use to seeing on them.

X Factor Transformations

Brooks Way

Seventeen-year-old Josh and Kyle sport more individual looks but still keep their cheek-pinching cute smiles.

X Factor Transformations


The trio have kept their urban looks (and colour palette by the looks of it) ready for the live shows

X Factor Transformations

Bring on the LIVE shows!