Is X Factor's Honey G Faking It? Little Mix Seem To Think So

Honey G x Little Mix

The girl band reveal that 'North-Weezy's' Honey G is an actress!

It's no secret that Sharon Osbourne's decision to bring X Factor's Honey G to the live shows hasn't had fans of the show reaching for their nearest detective kits. 

But X Factor winners, Little Mix, are the latest stars to say that the controversial contestant is faking it, revealing that 'She's an actress'!

Honey G x Little Mix

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, band member Jade stressed: "I think it’s a joke. I don’t believe she’s real. She’s blatantly an actress. Let’s just say, I’ve heard she’s an actress.”

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On a separate occasion, Little Mixer Jesy shared the same thoughts on the 'North-Weezy' rapper saying: "She’s just no. I think she’s an actress, I’ve  been told she is as well.”

Honey G x Little Mix

Despite being booted off at the Six Chair Challenge, Honey G was brought back as Sharon O's wild card, before making it to the Live Shows as one of the final Over-25's. Honey G joins Relley C and Sara Aalto in her category alongside other finalists such as 5 After Midnight, Gifty Louise and Ryan Lawrie to name a few.

But this sin't the first time that the 'rappers' credibility has been questioned. 

Honey G X Factor

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Just a week ago, Honey G - whose real name is Anna Guildford - was exposed as a middle-class, well-spoken recruitment manager with a passion for tennis, skiing and current affairs.

Honey G Revealed

The 35-year-old's old room-mate, Stephanie Jones, even claimed that ex DJ must be playing a prank on the X Factor bosses after her contrasting professional LinkedIn profile resurfaced.

Little Mix's Leigh-Ann went on to say: "I’m all for entertainment, but I’m also all for real talent as well.”

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Guess Honey G won't be receiving a vote from these girls anytime soon.