Your favourite holiday songs

Read below about your favourite holiday songs

Melissa Lindley
lady gaga poker face

Kate Rutherford
Wake up boo. By The Boo Radleys

Adam Martin
summer holiday by cliff richard it was probably one of the first holiday songs , and today is still the best and most well known  from adam  in hemel hempstead.

Annabel Willets
It's awesome to drive to the airport or wherever you're going listening to Holiday by Madonna :)

Sarah Adams
now thats original Annabel!

Belinda Horton
walking on sunshine!!

Laura Louise Chappelle
can't beat a bit of shaggy in the sun :)

Sav Johnson
OMG, it has got to be Startrekking. It reminds me of when I was a kid at Pontins and Butlins! x

Andy Cotterill
y does it always rain on me lol

Christina "Stina" Cockman
The Court of King Caractacus....So many good memories of the last 3 holidays at Haven and Pontins with some great friends :) x

Jodie Quadgirl Kelly
The vengaboys

Chris Deacon
Soz sav missread what u said, u said SHAGGY in the sun. Pmsl
Court of king caractacus rocks stina. I've dun that on karaoke. None of the misserable gits in the pub would do the dance tho. Lol. X

Karen Whittaker
Wtf is king cactus

Emma And-Pickle Cotterill
‎"Now the ladies of the harem of the court of king caratacus was just passing by...." king caratacus is a good tune but agadoo always reminds me of holidays x

Vicky Chapman
Mysterious girl by peter andre walking along the beach all tanned.

Louise Carey
Silence by delerium awesome sun tune great memories x x

Carolyn Hasler
Summertime! So smooth from Will Smith

Mandy Causer
The verve, Bittersweet symphony, going through the little back streets in St Ives, Cornwall.

Shareen Munir
madonna - holiday

Yvonne Humphries
Wild Boys - Duran Duran

Laraine Duggan
Echo Beach - Martha & the Muffins :)

Julia Palmer
I'll Echo that one !

Julia Smith
For anyone whose been to a Thomson Super Family Hotel .......... my kids would definitely say, Cartoon Heroes!

Libby Chapman
Long hot summer, Paul Weller Class

Sara Shakespeare
beautiful girls by sean kingston, reminds me of a lovely hot summer in Zante, think it was the only cd they had :)

Tracy Davis
u gotta lick it before ya kick it,benedorm 1996

Jayne Hendry
mr blue sky - lily allen

Christine Quinney
I will survive Gloria gaynor - June 1979! But then I am 52!

Kevin Rigley
heatwave- martha reeves and the vandelas