Zac Efron only sees his flaws

The actor admits he doesn't see himself as a heartthrob, but thankfully his mum sees the best in him.

Efron, who was in London last night for the premiere of his latest film, The Lucky One, has admitted that he never sees himself as a handsome man.

When asked what he thinks of his reputation as a hunk, the star said he never thinks about it.
'It's better than the opposite reaction' said Efron 'That's never what it's about for me and I try not to think about it. That's the one thing I don't notice. I'm looking at all the flaws'.

However his mother doesn't dwell on the negative.
'I'm looking at the performance more' continued the actor 'until my mum says very loudly "That's my boy!" Then you go "Oh my God!"'.