Zach Braff talks Ryan Gosling

The actor reportedly admires Gosling and Drive co-star Carey Mulligan.

The former Scrubs star even called himself 'president' of the Carey Mulligan fan club.

The 36-year-old reportedly admitted he wants the Shame actress to star in his play All New People after she helped him when he was writing the British character Emma.

'She is one of the hottest young stars right now; she doesn't have time to do a play,' he reportedly explained. 'But I can't wait to work with her one day. I am president of her fan club.'

Braff reportedly continued to gush as he talked about Hollywood hunk Ryan Gosling, admitting that he can't compete with the man-of-the-moment's body.

'I don't have the abs that Ryan Gosling has! I don't see myself as the leading man.'