Aussie Nige faces his fear and punishment

Aussie Nige had been doing so well and meeting the challenge of booking celebrity guests for JK and Lucy's A to Z of Show Business.

That was until we got to the letter U.

Aussie Nige decided that rather than get a real celebrity interview he would try and fool us all with a fake Usain Bolt interview, have a listen here if you missed it.

JK and Lucy were not fooled and decide Aussie Nige need to be punished. 

So after receiving a call from Kath at Hobbs & Hounds  who do daily dog walking sessions. JK and Lucy decided sending Nige to help them out for the day would be the perfect punishment!

Why dog walking as a punishment? Well Aussie Nige is a bit scared of dogs and it was a wet and windy!

Check out how he got on!