Friday: Les Mis Exclusive!

It's nominated for just about every Oscar and BAFTA under the sun; Les Mis hits UK cinemas this weekend and Heart Breakfast with Dan & Zoe had an exclusive chat with one of the film's biggest stars...

Well, kind of. Ok, maybe they were just an extra, but they're in the nonetheless!

The South Coast was used several times for locations in the film, including Portsmouth Docks, which is exactly where Ollie comes in.

Have a listen back to our chat with him on the show where he reveals the secrets behind the scenes and treats us to a little rendition of what he had to sing...(you might want to turn your speakers down a bit.)

Friday 10th Jan - Ollie's extra work in Les Mis


Highlight of the last 24 hours

Dan - "Wait for it...I bought something from Argos!"

Zoe - "I did my first ever online food shop! I successfully managed to forget loads of things and have to do another one."


On Monday's Show:

Dan's overheard something he wants to iron out regarding the politics of first dates. In the mean time, what first date tales do you have? Was he really romantic and shared spaghetti strands with you? Or maybe she set you off with an asthma attack with her perfume? Let us know by commenting below.

Have a great weekend, see you Monday from 6 :)