Lucy's Blog - Thursday 11th October

Ahhh! It’s finally Thursday! Thank goodness!How has your week been? JK hasn’t washed his jeans in OVER 3 MONTHS!! We discovered this after he found a receipt dating back to July in the back pocket. But, unbelievably, he wasn’t the worst offender!

That dubious ‘honour’ went to Terry – ‘My decorating jeans have not been washed in about 5 years as they only covered in paint’

Keldra told us – ‘When my hubby is deployed for 7 mths he freely admits that his jeans only get washed if he spills something on them or he gets them dirty!!’

Over on our facebook page , the girls were up in arms over JK’s filthy habits –

Emilie: Most definitely NOT ok... They'll grow a life of their own soon...

Natalie: JK, that is just wrong!

Leanne: Eeeewwwwwwwwww JK thats awful!!!

We reached the letter ‘X’ on the A-Z Of Showbiz. X man Hugh Jackman was busy, Example was busy, it wasn’t Xanadu singer Olivia Newton John….so who was it? Well….in a scraping the barrel spectacular, Aussie Nige roped in JK’s ‘X’ girlfriend Zoe….cue lots of questions about JK’s height hindering their romance. You can check out all of our A-Z Of Showbiz interviews here!

And finally – scientists have found out that…..MICE SING. Not only that, they sing to claim the affection of lady mice. It’s true. Have a listen to our exclusive footage here…. JK & Lucy discover Mice can sing!

We’re not here tomorrow, but we’ll be back for Saturday breakfast from 6!

Have a fab day!

Lucy xxx