Lucy's Blog - Tuesday 2nd October

Happy Tuesday to you! JK hates Tuesdays, so to make it better, I baked lots of Cupcakes. Well, actually that’s a bit of a lie. I baked the cakes because it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month, so I’ve asked everyone at Heart HQ to help themselves, then make a donation to a Breast cancer charity. If you find yourself at a loose end during October, maybe do the same one evening? Or get your Kids to do it for you, it’ll keep ‘em occupied! You can eat cake & do your bit! Here’s how they turned out – Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes & Raspberry & Orange Cupcakes too. Yummy.

On today's show we found out that JK’s girlfriend is a bit of a Geek – as tonight, just for her, he’s erecting….a Telescope! Apparently she won’t even need it until Christmas NEXT year. Nothing like planning ahead I guess!
The week of winning continued today - Heidi won an Annual pass to Merlin Atrractions for her family – meaning she can go as many times as she likes to Alton Towers, Madame Tussauds & more! It could be yours tomorrow! Also - Tessa is off to see Olly Murs at Hearts Exclusive Love Music Live – if you want to go, listen in tomorrow morning.
We’ve reached the letter Q on the A-Z Of Showbiz – and we had the lovely Pauline Quirke on the show! Listen again to her & all our other guests online at
And finally – we talked about the most annoying sounds in your house - ranging from Alarm clocks, to your significant other…and Lyndas Parrot, Bella! Thankfully she didn’t tell us to be quiet or call me a ‘Witch’ as she rather endearingly does, to poor Lynda! Have a listen to Bellas talents here…

Lynda and her Parrot Bella
Maybe you too have an annoying pet, or sound that really gets on your nerves? Let us know what it is!
We’re back tomorrow morning from 6 with more Merlin Attractions annual passes, more tickets to the Heart Love Music Live Olly Murs gig, and we’ll have reached the letter ‘R’ on the A-Z Of Showbiz – find out who our celebrity guest will be!
See you bright and early!
Lucy xxx