Lucy's Blog - Tuesday 30th October

Hello!! It’s Tuesday, errrr, yay! We found out that Aussie Nige’s wife got a bit too eager & opened, then wore, her birthday present 4 days early!

He’s now stuck as he doesn’t have a present to give to her tomorrow! She says that’s ‘fine’ – but is it really? Vicki's hit the nail on the head with her thoughts…

  • ‘Fine means fine when talking to friends however in the case of my husband, fine means "no dear it’s not ok, and if you don't immediately leave me alone all hells going to break loose" 

And – how many pillows do you sleep with? We tested out one of these pointless surveys on you, the South Coast – as you should always have the final say… If you sleep with 1-2 pillows, you’re confident & content with your life, if it’s 3-5 you crave companionship and when you do have it, like to have lots of cuddles! We spoke to lovely Nicky, who has 10 pillows on her bed! According to the survey that means she’s lonely. So we offered up JK to give her cuddles. Although Anne’s come up with a solution in case JK’s too busy to give cuddles….she has a 3ft body pillow! Funnily enough that’s exactly ‘snack sized’ JK’s height…perfect! 

Lucy in her big cosy jumper JK was giving me a hard time about my warm jumper dress… a few of you also spotted same wrong with the picture? Can you see it? 


Finally we also talked about lies you tell the opposite sex. JK & Nige both claimed that their ‘friends’ told these ones to the ladies….Jk’s ‘friend’ was apparently a Dolphin trainer, and Nige’s ‘friend’ was a pro-Tennis player….hmm. Interesting. 

Turns out some ladies do this as well:

  • Emilie: Once, on a night out, I told some guy I used to be a child actress!! 
  • Jacky: I told some guy that I was in the armed forces........ Followed it up with a service number, all the places I had been, and even showed him a photo of me in uniform............ Little did he know that it was my ex- hubby's details and a pic of me in uniform on wives military exercise day!!! 

And – if you haven’t seen JK doing his ‘Baby Bond’ training whilst in London last week yet or heard has chat with M – have a gander at… See you tomorrow! L xxx