Lucy's Blog - Wednesday 17th October

Today it’s my birthday, hurrah!! This morning, my special day started with my first ever drive into work! In the torrential rain and floods. It was pretty scary, but I rather enjoyed it! So far, I’ve had lots of cards and some awesome pressies. JK & Aussie Nige got me stuff for my new car, including a nodding Pink Poodle, which is brilliant!! Ha!


Lucy's Nodding Dog

The LOVELY ladies at the Morello Bakery baked me the best cake ever – in the shape of a ginger Cat! He looks just like my cat Herbert, only made of chocolate and not actual Cat. Obvs. Thank you very much Annette & Rachel, and also Mini Morellos Lottie & Florrie – your card was absolutely gorgeous!

Lucy's amazing Cat Cake from the team at Morello B

We talked about the stories your Mum & Dad ALWAYS tell everyone, over and over again – you know, the really embarrassing ones…examples included Craig eating a Slug & Ray’s Mum pulling down his pants to prove he was a boy – due to his exceptionally long eyelashes!

We finally finished the A-Z Of Showbiz yesterday and to celebrate/commiserate this, JK & I created a song for Aussie Nige, as a thank you for all his hard work in organising the interviews! If you haven’t heard our INCREDIBLE song (no, really, it has to be heard to be believed), you can listen to it & also check out all our A-Z Of Showbiz interviews right here

Hope you have a fab Wednesday!

Lucy xxx