Lucy's Blog - Wednesday 19th December

How are you on this fine Wednesday? Only 6 more sleeps to gooooooooooooo!!

On this mornings show:

We chatted to the beautiful and very funny Katherine Jenkins, if you missed our interview, check it out here….

Also we decided to try & poo-poo the latest ‘survey’. This time, the research was by US boffins, who reckon that we favour careers that share our first initial. For example, as I’m called Lucy, I should apparently be a Lion Tamer!! JK should be a Jockey. To be fair, he’s the perfect height & weight for that!
So, of course we had to ask you whether this theory is true, or a load of utter rubbish! To our surprise, LOADS of you share your first initial with your job title. Check these out….
I’m Carol the cleaner !
I'm matt the mortician !!
My name is Daniela and I am a dance teacher of disco dancing!
Vanessa – works in Venosection (which is taking blood, in case you didn’t know!)
Niki – Nurse
Someone who didn’t share his first initial with his job title is Phil. He gets a special mention purely because his job sounds AWESOME.
Phil, is a Security Guard at the MOD!!! AMAZING.
Also – we played you a very special song today. Remember the incredible Ella Henderson from the X Factor? She’s recorded a special version of Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’ with Myleene Klass on piano. It’s absolutely beautiful. If you missed it today, don’t worry. You can hear it again on Christmas Eve. Myleene’s on from 12-2pm, with a whole host of famous names joining her! 

Finally - we also had some rather sad news to share with you this morning. We’re leaving! Well, kinda. We won’t be on Monday to Friday any more, but you can still listen on a Saturday morning from 6-10! Thank you for being absolutely brilliant by the way, you make the show what it is, and please continue to do so on a Saturday! It just wouldn’t be the same without you!
See you bright & early tomorrow morning!
Lucy xxx