Science Week: Rich & Zoe Do An Experiment

Science Experiment

It's Science Week so we put Zoe to the test with some experiments!

To celebrate British Science week we had a week of science experiments which included Zoe eating as many carrots as she could in an hour followed but doing an assault course in the dark as we wanted to see ‘do carrots make you see in the dark’… the answer was a no and a bruised leg.

Our second experiment was to also get Zoe to eat as much tuna as possible in an hour as we wanted to see ‘does fish makes you smarter’. In order for our research to valid we had a maths tutor on the phone to ask Zoe maths questions, it was a success as she got all of the answers right nevertheless the questions were meant for an 11 year old!

Our final experiment was to see if you filled a glass of water to the top and put a piece of paper on top, then turn it over would the paper hold the water. Well, Zoe ended up soaked!