Coming to terms with Taunton M5 crash

'Why can you walk away from that without a scratch, and everybody else so badly injured' says Ciara Neno, as she looks at the photos of herself and her husband in the online edition of the local paper.

On November 4th 2011, Ciara and her husband Rodger survived one of the UK's worst ever road accidents, near junction 25 of the M5 in Taunton.

7 people died and 51 were injured in the 34 car pile up which happened as they headed home to Weston-super-Mare.

Rodger pulled several survivors from the wreckage and got them to safety, as fires burned, explosions went off and diesel poured across the carriageway. 

He says he was tortured for several days by the image of a woman lying beneath the wheel of a car screaming for help. He managed to get a doctor and a fireman to her, and says it was a huge comfort when he found out, several days later, that she survived and was making a recovery.

Rodger and Ciara have been talking to Heart about how they are coming to terms with what happened, you can listen to the interview HERE.