Help For Fuel Poverty

It's estimated more than 37,000 households across Somerset are in fuel poverty. That's when more than 10% of income is spent on total fuel use.

Heart spoke to Christine in Wellington who was forced to miss work for several weeks because of illness.  She told us: "I was recovering at home and on Statutory Sick Pay.  One day my electricity bill popped through the letter box.  My first reaction was 'How on earth am I going to pay this?'  If I pay it then I can't afford to eat or I don't have a gas fire on.  I was faced with some very difficult decisions at a time when I was already unwell." Luckily Christine phoned her electricity company who were sympathetic and offered to help her.  Now she's helping to advise other people in a similar situation.  "People have to be sensible and not suffer in silence.  Keep warm and don't be embarassed to phone for help."

National Energy Action have a special free helpline if you're struggling with your bills.  By calling 0800 336699 you will be able to access a range of help and support from a variety of sources such as the Government and enegy company schemes.