Ovarian Cancer Awareness Campaign

Survival rates in the UK are just 30% unless it's detected early...but a staggering 75% of women here in the South West say they've NEVER been given information about ovarian cancer.

This compares to roughly the same number who say they HAVE been told about the dangers of cervical cancer.  So now a big campaign's been launched to make us more aware of ovarian cancer.  Dr Ayan Panja told Heart: "The first mistake alot of women make is thinking the disease can be detected with a smear test.  A recent survey revealed 28% of local women made that assumption.  Sadly they are wrong.  Ovarian cancer is completely different from cervical cancer and CANNOT be found by a smear test.  Women have to be vigilant and look out for the symptons.  They include bloating and swelling of the tummy on a persistent daily basis, making eating very difficult.  I don't want to panic people because after all we all get bloating from time to time but the key word here is 'persistent'.  If it lasts for days and you can't account for it, then be safe and see your doctor.  Up to 90% of women can survive if its detected early."