Piers Simon Appeal

A Yeovil man is setting off for Paris on his push bike today.

Luke Simon is raising money in memory of his brother Piers who died in the 2004 Boxing day tsunami which hit Thailand.

Since his death, the Piers Simon Appeal has raised more than £400,000 to help disaster victims in 12 different countries.

Luke, who is being joined by several other riders told Heart 'The sponsorship raised by the riders is so important to the people the PSA are able to help. A donation of just £10 can fund a schoolbag, providing essential learning materials and resources to poor, orphan and disaster effecting children from around the world - this schoolbag could ultimately change their life, giving them not only a chance for a better education but also hope for a brighter future.'

If you want to donate, you can do so via the link on the right.