Plastic Pollution From Our Sea Recycled Into Kayaks

22 August 2018, 12:07 | Updated: 22 August 2018, 12:09

Recycled Kayak

Plastic that washes up on our beaches is being recycled and turned into kayaks at a factory in North Somerset.

It is part of a project to cut the plastic pollution in our seas.
Rob Thomson, founder of Fathoms Free, has been out collecting all this plastic from the waters off Cornwall. He got the idea when he was taking part in a beach clean. 
He told Heart: "It's a very simple concept but it's taken a few years of product development to get to the point where we have prototypes made from ocean plastics. Plastics do have a value. If this was scrap metal washing up on our beaches, it wouldn't be there for very long. People would be collecting it and trading it in. A lot of the plastics actually have the same value per tonne as scrap metal, there's just no infrastructure for it."
The plastic that Rob collects is then taken to a manufacturer who process it and send it to Palm Equipment in Clevedon, where it's melted down and molded into kayaks.
Technical Director Bob Slee says "That material comes into us in a very fine powder form and we select a suitable mould, and we then put that in the oven and cook it, a bit like a cake". 
The oven they use gets up to about 280 degrees Celsius. 
Bob says, "As a kayak manufacturer, I think it's amazing that we can make something like this so that someone can go out and collect more plastic from the sea."