Yeovil Couple Guilty Of Animal Abuse

A Yeovil couple have been found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to 42 animals at their home.

June and Paul Harding, from Lower Hyde Road, kept 31 dogs, seven cats and four guinea pigs in appalling conditions.

This led to two of the dogs being put down and all the other animals needing treatment for painful conditions including rotten teeth and ulcers and all were suffering from respiratory conditions caused by their surroundings.

Taunton Magistrates Court heard how many of the dogs were being kept in the living room where faeces and urine covered the floor whilst the cats were kept in a dirty, dark room devoid of natural light and with limited ventilation.

The four guinea pigs that were suffering with nasty eye conditions were also left to drink out of bowls full of water that had gone black.

RSPCA inspector Marie Griffiths said: “The conditions these animals were being kept in was appalling. Considering the scale of neglect and the sheer number of animals involved it was a huge job for us to remove all 42 animals from the premises, especially considering that the animals had been suffering for a significant amount of time and were in a fragile condition.

“Keeping any animal is a big responsibility and sadly cases like this one just highlight the devastating effects of what can happen when people try to take on too much yet do not have the appropriate means to look after the animals in their care.

“Thankfully in this case we were able to get the animals into RSPCA care and many of them are now in loving new homes.”

The pair are due to be sentenced at Taunton Magistrates Court on 23rd February.

The RSPCA recommends for more information on responsible pet ownership to visit