Friday 28th May Blog

This week we’ve been getting ready for the Bath and West Show, which starts next Wednesday 2nd June!

Yes, we’re hosting the fashion show, with Clarkes Village, so make sure you come along and see us

I don’t know if Clarkes are a little worried about our dress sense, but they’ve even offered to dress us for the event, as we’ll be on stage hosting it!

Yes, it’s all very exciting, I got to go along to Clarkes earlier this week, and was told “pick whatever you want”! Can you imagine that! It was like walking into a massive walk-in wardrobe where I could just have whatever I wanted!

So we’ll be looking smart and clean for the shows next week, sounds all very ‘Sex and the City’ doesn’t it!

Yes, do you think we could ask them for some shoes and cocktails too then?