Ben's Lifetime Achievement Award!

21 January 2010, 16:46 | Updated: 27 June 2017, 12:25

So Robbie Williams is going to get the “lifetime achievement” award at the Brits next month and fair play to him. But I have a problem with young people getting these types of awards.

Tom Jones and Paul McCartney got the honour themselves in previous years and rightly so, they have been in the music game for about 200 years! “Lifetime achievement” implies that you have done the majority of your work and being honoured for all you’ve done over the years and thanks for your contribution. Robbie can only be in his mid 30’s and im sure he’s got many more years of making music ahead of him and more to achieve in his lifetime!Katie Price

It’s a bit like these people who write their autobiographies in their early 20’s, you’ve hardly lived, how interesting can it really be? Some celebrities not mentioning any names, have written about 10 of these types of books, not that I’ve read any, but then again probably neither has she! I think there should be a law that makes it illegal to write a life story or receive a lifetime achievement award until you are at least 45!

In 2010 we can look forward to the following. John and Edwards’s autobiography and a lifetime achievent gong for JLS, I can see it now!