Well done messages...

Here's your chance to tell us what Race for Life 2010 was like for you. Share your memories or say well done to someone who took part. Simply use the form at the bottom of the page.

A very positive step

Hayley (daughter) and I (Karen) raced in the first 10k Race for Life in Portsmouth and it was an amazing experience.  I lost my Dad to cancer last year and this has been a very positive step for me.  We raised nearly £600 between us.  Seeing all the back signs was very moving. We will definitely be back next year.

Well done Lou!

You can achieve anything when you set your mind to it! Lots of love Ann xxxxxxx

Twinkle toe fairies

Well done to all the twinkle-toe fairy's for completing the 10k yesterday in Southsea. An extra special pat on the back for Tina Hooker who made everyone so proud by completing and doing it in style X Well Done X


I took part in my first race for life last year while suffering (unbeknown to me) from cervical cancer, aged 25. This year after spending 7 months recovering, i jogged it (beating my last time) :)

Well done Mum

Well done mum (caroline reeves) i am so so proud of u doing it today. love u loads.


I have just done my first Race for Life this year! It has inspired me to do it every year now. I think what we are all doing for Race for Life will beat cancer just by doing something like this can change thousandands and thousands of lives.


I ran for Forest Gump!! The Fontwell Race For LIfe was my very first and in a word it was amazing I was shocked by the shear number of people!!!! However I was running solo,so next year my friends will have to do it with me NO EXCUSES, but thank you for the money love you all x

St Richards Pharmacy Dept

To all the girls who raced at Fontwell from the St.Richards Pharmacy dept - well done

Summerlea Dinner Ladies

Well done to Sue oconnell and Linda Ray Who joined us the Summerlea Dinner ladies team at Fontwell on Sunday 13th. This was their first Race for life experience! Go Girls!!

Helen Cooper

I walked the fontwell 5k in memory of my Grandad who i think would be extremely proud of me. Was my first year doing the race for life, i completed it in 57 minutes and will definately be doing it every year!!

Rebecca Cracknell

I ran in the Fontwell one today and hope I made my dad proud, 2 months ago I couldn't run round the block today I managed to run in 33 mins. Anyone can do it if the put their heart into it. x