Appeal For Return Of Stolen Dog Ashes

A woman from New Milton is appealing to thieves who took a blue shopping bag from her car to return its contents - the ashes of her beloved pet dog, Billy.

His owner, Rosalind sergeant says she was keeping his ashes in the car while some building work was being carried out on her home.

Hampshire police say the vehicle was broken into sometime overnight on the 5th-6th October. Billy's ashes were being kept in a casket engraved with his name - which was in a blue shopping bag in the vehicle.

Ms. Sergeant said Billy was put down in September after suffering from liver disease: 

"He was very precious to me - my Dad bought him just before he died nearly ten years ago. I just want to get them back.

"He meant the world to me and was part of the family -my daughter thinks I'm being silly and should just let it go but I can't.

A Hampshire Police spokesman is asking whoever took the box from the Honda Jazz to return it.