Biker Banned For Doing 152MPH

A motorcyclist caught riding at 152mph on the A27 has been found guilty of dangerous driving and banned from the roads for 12 months.

Stephen Tull, 37, of Pennels Close, Milland, Liphook, Hampshire, was caught riding his Yamaha YZF-R1 along the A27 Arundel Road (Binsted) at 152mph by a mobile safety camera operator from the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership on 16 October 2011.

The speed – over double the A27’s 70mph limit at that point, the highest ever detected in Sussex and the highest recorded speed nationally in 2011 – was enough to secure Mr Tull an appearance in Court.

However, when officers from Sussex Police looked deeper into the case, they discovered that Mr Tull’s Yamaha also had no valid MoT.

Accordingly, Mr Tull was charged with the following offences:

Dangerous Driving
Driving without due care and attention
Excess Speed
No MoT

The dangerous driving offence also took account of the traffic conditions at the time – Mr Tull overtook vehicles in lane one that were travelling at 70mph or under as he accelerated from 139mph to 152mph in 4 seconds while riding towards a blind crest and a hidden junction.

Road Safety Support (RSS) Ltd assisted the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership with the prosecution, providing Mr Steve Callaghan as an expert witness. Mr. Callaghan was able to show by forensic analysis that the readings on the laser were correct in anticipation of any technical challenges that are typical of solicitors who regularly appear for defendants in these cases.

Magistrates considered the evidence and found Mr Tull to be guilty of dangerous driving (which included consideration of the speeding, riding without due care and attention charges and riding with no MoT). The judge handed him £620 costs, a twelve month Community Order for 200 hours of unpaid work and a twelve month driving ban with the requirement to undertake an extended retest at the end of that period.

Chris Snell, Safety Camera Technician for the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership, said:

“The Court’s judgement shows how clearly unacceptable this type of behaviour is on our roads and in our communities.

“Sussex Safer Roads Partnership and Sussex Police will continue to make our roads safer for all by enforcing the law and conducting appropriate action against those who choose to wilfully flout it.”

Speaking after the case, Steve Callaghan, RSS said:

“This was highly dangerous and deliberate behaviour which put road users at great risk.

“Thankfully this reckless act was captured on film by a mobile safety camera and Mr Tull can now be properly punished for his actions.

“Fixed and mobile safety cameras are in widespread use across Sussex and the UK in general, so it is vital that all motorists comply with the rules of the road.

“All safety cameras used for enforcement in the UK are highly reliable and motorists should think twice before challenging them in court.”