Birth Centre Being Underused

Winchester and Eastleigh Healthcare NHS Trust wants to find out people’s views on birthplace choices.

The Trust says the birth centre in Andover is popular for ante and postnatal services but is less well used for deliveries. On average, just four babies have been born there each week.

Health officials say they want to understand why so few mothers have their babies at Andover and find out what kind of midwife-led service women would like and would use.

A ‘midwife-led’ birth means supporting a woman through a ‘natural’ labour – one that does not require surgical intervention or the assistance of consultants, and they're asking for feedback about different ways of providing this service.

Winchester and Eastleigh Healthcare NHS Trust says it wants to provide a midlife-led birthing service that is accessible to women across the area it serves. 

A survey's available at

You can also email the Trust with your views on its maternity services at