Controversial Southampton Documentary 'Immigration Street' On TV

25 February 2015, 09:42

There's been a widely negative response in Southampton to Channel Four's controversial documentary 'Immigration Street' - after it was on TV last night.

It was reduced from a six-part series to a one-hour special due to filming being disrupted in Derby Road - with threats to the crew shown in the programme.

The channel insists the programme was a fair reflection of Derby Road - but community leaders say the threats of violence represented a small minority.

People from Southampton were quick to jump to the street's defence on social media.

Jim Chorley tweeted 'I come from Southampton, I'm Proud of Southampton, I love Southampton… Big up Derby Road'.

One user from Southampton said 'I've walked down Derby Road numerous times and the only trouble I've ever heard of is when Immigration Street was being filmed.'

Dave Hayes from Southampton tweeted 'really disappointing that in 2015 Channel 4 can broadcast such rubbish'.

Another user said the television 'producers didn't care about the locals… they just wanted to make good tv at the expense of those who live there'.

Meanwhile others just changed the channel - Alex Ward said 'Southampton is a fantastic city, community and that is why I refuse to watch Immigration Street.'

Others admit the protesters who threatened the crew and interviewees, and pelted the crew with eggs, made the situation worse.

Both Derby Road and Immigration Street were trending on Twitter while the programme aired.

Commenting following the broadcast, Superintendent James Fulton from Hampshire Police, said:

"Having now had the opportunity to view the documentary 'Immigration Street', we have again asked Channel 4 whether the production crew wish to pursue any of the complaints made in the film and whether they will give us their footage which will enable us to fully examine all available evidence.

"We await its response. In the meantime we will be reviewing the programme again, considering any potential offences.  

"We continue to focus on ensuring all members of our community are safeguarded and that no one is left vulnerable as a result of this programme."